Nowadays cases of theft often occur, especially vehicle theft. Therefore we are asked to be vigilant because theft can occur anywhere and anytime. Even recently the theft occurred during the day on a crowded street.

Vehicles such as cars or motorcycles are indeed needed by many people, especially for people who are busy and want to go to a place far enough away.

So if we use a vehicle such as a car or motorcycle, then it will save us time to get to the tyjuan quickly.

There are many types of cars or motorcycles that are sold at more affordable prices and the easy way. This is also what causes the number of people who buy cars or motorcycles, so vehicle theft is increasingly common.

So what should you do to prevent this theft?

Of course you do not want to lose your favorite car or motorcycle just like that. Because you've been struggling to make money and collect it for several years to buy a car or motorcycle. Then you lose the car or the motorcycle. It must be very sad, right.

Therefore you need to protect your car or motorcycle with vehicle insurance.

What is Vehicle Insurance?

Of course, before choosing a vehicle insurance company, you must know in advance what will be guaranteed in this insurance. Vehicle insurance serves to protect your vehicle, such as four-wheeled vehicles such as sedans, trucks, minisbuses and two-wheelers such as motorcycles, scooters as well as accessories and equipment attached to your vehicle will also be protected.

So what are the risks that will be guaranteed by using this vehicle insurance? In general, the insurance company will guarantee your vehicle from:

  • Collision, upside down, slipping and also impact
  • Actions committed by the other party
  • Theft committed by force and threats or theft in the garage of a home or other place.
  • Fire and vehicle damage during the journey
  • The cost of the crane required by your vehicle.

Risks That Are Not Guaranteed by Vehicle Insurance

In addition to the risks that will be guaranteed by the insurance company above for example because of car theft, insurance companies usually also provide a list of risks that are not guaranteed by the insurance company. The following are some risks that insurance companies will not guarantee:

  • Losses due to embezzlement of a car or vehicle
  • Overloaded vehicleNatural disasters and wars
  • The driver does not have a clear letter and violates traffic rules.
  • Damages not listed in the police
  • Loss due to self-transparency

Those are some of the risks that will be guaranteed and will not be guaranteed by the insurance company. In addition to this information, when you choose an insurance company to get vehicle insurance, you should be more careful. Not everything is explained in full by the insurance so you have to ask and get further explanation.

This will prevent you from agreeing to things you don't know or don't realize. It's also a good thing to compare several insurance companies to get the best place to protect your vehicle from criminal acts such as car theft or other bad things.

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